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We take great pride in the quality of our work and the services we provide. We love to make our clients happy and it shows in what they say about us! We will adding more client reviews, testimonials and comments soon.


Last year we designed and launched our new website. After hours and hours and weeks of hard labour, our dreams turned into a nightmare and a very painful experience indeed. Missed deadlines, unresolved issues, lack of customer service and site non-functionality, the list went one. Even though a little devil on my left shoulder is whispering in my ear, we will not mention their name here but we do firmly believe in karma! For those of you who can relate, this was a huge loss in terms of money and time but most of all it was a very hard business lesson learnt. We needed to redesign the website, and fast!

Kota Media came highly recommended and we weren’t dissapointed. We want to take this opportunity to thank you for establishing a wonderful working relationship with us. You delivered an end product that's pushing us into a higher league. It's exactly what we wanted, and so much more. Your input and guidance was received with excitement and even the smallest suggestions made the site come alive!

It certainly was a pleasure to work with your company. You were able to interpret our goals, ideas and principles and translate them into a streamlined, topnotch and professional website. No job was too small or too big. You were professional yet approachable at all times, even available after hours for emergencies. We would gladly recommend Kota Media for any web development. You met and exceeded all our expectations. And for the record, YOU ROCK! Thank you once again!

Gwen & Juan
Simple Details Photography
Industry - Vancouver Wedding Photographer


Kota Media has designed and built an extremely stylish and user friendly website that displays our vision beautifully. Kota Media understood and interpreted our thoughts of how the website should look but also had excellent suggestions and ideas which had not occurred to me. Not only was our designer extremely professional and efficient but was also very approachable, making the whole process completely painless.

We cannot recommend Kota Media highly enough - professional and friendly with a service that goes way beyond the call of duty. A genuine company which takes not only pride in what it does, but also takes a real interest in its clients.

We recommend Kota Media wholeheartedly to anyone wavering about taking this step. It was easy and professional in every way.

We have complete confidence in Kota Media’s ability and they are continuing to oversee and update our website as more of our work becomes available.

Christo Van Rooyen (President)
Industries - Martial Arts Supplies, Martial Arts Uniforms


My experience with Kota Media is definitely positive and it has been a pleasure working with our developer. The service is great and communication is very efficient. I am very satisfied with the design work that has been done for my company website

All information is well-organized and design is professional and easy to understand. With the help of my company website within the past two years, I am able to expand my business exposure to other groups of potential customers such as designers, architects and developers where it might have taken us a long time to break into their fields without the presence of the website.

Now I receive consistent number of enquiries of my products through emails and phone calls, and the presence of the website has definitely created a positive impact on my sales.

Gabriel Ho (Director)
Vancouver Flooring


I really really like the last two logos you sent me. The website looks great and I have had a number of positive comments on it regarding the design. The logo and site design are just excellent and just what I imagined. I really appreciate everything.

Dr. Laura G. Farres (PhD, ChPC, Certified Mental Trainer


It is Sunday afternoon and I have just completed a study of the website. I have tested every link and button. I begin to realize how much work was involved: it is an effective system. I am duly impressed! Thank you very much.

I was very pleased with Kota Media. Without Kota Media and their integrity, I would not have the efficient website I am now enjoying. Kota Media with enthusiasm consistently endeavored to grasp the finer points of our organization’s philosophy. The personal care is evident in every aspect of our website.

I was greatly impressed when features became evident, which were not in the proposal, were carried out by Kota Media without going outside of our budget. I highly recommend Kota Media.

Pieter Van Klaveren


Kota Media developed a truly outstanding website for our organization! They were efficient, professional, reliable, and cost effective. Further, they provided excellent customer service with respect to web based support once the site had been completed. Since working with Kota Media we have had a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our membership regarding our website. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering developing a new website and/or an update of their existing site.

Regarding the new website layout, the verdict is already in!!!!!! Truly awesome, please read the forwarded email.

Renée Hock (Executive Director)
Industry - BC Martial Arts

Hi Renée, please convey our very positive response (to the new look) to the executive and the team that built this new layout... very crisp, clean, easy to use, fast, informative... it's all good and we appreciate the fact that Judo BC cared enough to do this for its members and those interested in the wonderful sport/art of judo.

Paul Elderfield
Vancouver Island Judo Academy


The web page is great. Mike, Margot, and I are really happy with the logo and the home page! Im exited to have a website for the dojo. Thanks again.

Kevin Thorneloe (Judo Instructor, National Competitor)


You've done an excellent job capturing some very intense pics of these kids! Some of your pictures are very inspiring!!!! Thanks for putting these on the web site. Vancouver Photography Portfolio

Aline Strasdin (Judo Instructor, Team BC Coach, Judo BC Northern Region Grading Board)
Prince George Judo


The website is spectacular!!!! This looks amazing, I really like the black & blue - eye catching and easy to look at.

Sales and Marketing Team


Looks really good, the guys were over on Saturday for a look and they love it. The links (power cables) are way cool. It's very good and we are really happy...Awsome!

Mark Richardson (Lead Guitarist, Vocalist)
Archived Website


Wow! That's an award-winning shot of Ashley

Tom Berridge (LMP, Sports Editor)
View The Photo


Kota Media was incredibly helpful in navigating the potentially daunting task of launching a website. We are very happy with the design and the speed at which our website was produced. We look forward to working further with Kota Media as our company grows.

Jason Alcott (President)


My business was reaching new heights and growing faster than anticipated. With today's society everything is internet and e-mail so needless to say I had to get a website up and running. I was referred to Kota Media and I'm glad I have had the opportunity to work with them. Owning your own business can be very demanding and time consuming, Kota Media was very patient and fun to work with. I had a launch party for my business and I needed my website up in a hurry. Kota Media had my website fully up and running within a few days. My site looks amazing and I can't thank Kota Media enough. I would strongly recommend Kota Media for all your e-business needs

Josh Tanzola (President)
Industry - Vancouver Personal Trainer

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